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Shaking the Plums

Shaking the Plums
(Tim) 2018
32 pages, 14,5 x 21 cm
fullcolour digital
voluminated paper (120g, acid-free)
14 photos
2 supplements:
*a bunch of plums
*a bill of plums
signed edition of 30 + 2EA
12,- €

Right after the death of my distant relative Ralf I was allowed to browse through his collection of books and ephemera. He was a passionate collector of works by Joseph Beuys and other artists like Günther Uecker or A.R. Penck. His library was a treasure trove for me. In addition he was particularly interested in esoteric and spiritual subjects. His rooms was filled with "adder stones" (a stone with a naturally occurring hole through it). These "Hühnergötter" (as you call them in Germany) lay all over the floor, in corners, on the windowsills, on the deposit in his bathroom...just everywhere! Entering the kitchen I realized an installation of framed pictures on a wall, grouped around a mirror. Cutouts in various shapes from different magazines put up individually in cheap frames, showing people giving thumbs up to the viewer...
Reminded of an old german nursery rhyme, that goes: "Das ist der Daumen, der schüttelt die Pflaumen..." ("This is the thumb, he's shaking the plums...") I decided to show the collection. The publication comes with some plum-related material for your fruity pleasure.