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Marco Zumbé 2017
handdrawn cover (by artist)
text and handlettering by Dennis Freischlad
24 pages + supplement (digital print), 21 x 29,7 cm
fullcolour digital print on Fabriano 120g
8 + 1 pictures
edition of 30 
20,- €

This playfull artist's book by Cologne-based painter Marco Zumbé isn't only named after the well-known child's play. Citing the game the words emerge while the picture of the painting more and more disappears. In its process of disappearing the painting itself however gets completed, so that at the end of the book the colours of the completed painting are blurred.
Each publication is unique. The cover is handdrawn by Marco Zumbé. The Hangman-words come from the mind of Cologne-based author Dennis Freischlad and are different in each of the 30 copies. Besides every publication is handlettered by Dennis Freischlad and comes with a colour-printed photograph of the completed painting.