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Birds over Brussels

Birds over Brussels
(Tim) 2017
76 pages, 21 x 29 cm
b/w photocopy on voluminated paper (80g)
white jacket, cardboard cover
perfect bound
71 photos
numbered edition of 100
18,- €

birds. brussels. birds. bushes. birds. stuff. streets. helmets. tables. books. birds. brussels. bikes. gums. cobbles. birds. trash. chimneys. stuff. ghosts. brussels. birds.

"A new publication by (Tim), illustrating the artists obsession in birds, bricks, birds on bricks, bushes, helmets, helmets on tables, tables, streets, books, books on tables, cobbles, cobbles in streets, stuff, chimneys, trash, brussels and birds in brussels. A publication unalterable for ornithologists* and a must-have for everyone who is interested in deep insights of everyday life and the coherence of things surrounding us. - Go get it!" 
* Aesthetics is for artists what ornithology is for birds. (Barnett Newman)
- Mattis Hogur