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Hermes Villena, Sofia Fernandez, Balz Isler 2015
softcover (120g)
56 pages, 14 x 20 cm
fullcolour digital print on glossy paper (120g)
45 photos + german text
numbered edition of 100
comes together with (Intestine) No. 1
10, - € (2 zines)

(INTESTINE) Nr. 2 is the second part of the ongoing series initiated by Hermes Villena. This publication is dealing with the term time and features two essays:
What if...? Oder in Richtung einer zeitgemäßen Klimapolitik by Sofia Fernandez
Intimate matter an algorithmic privacy by Balz Isler.
The words are bordered with several deconstructed photographs: private sceneries send in by friends of Balz Isler who then commanded his computer to "optimize" these pictures. This process resulted in an absence of people in favour of an extended surrounding, - a technical anthropomorphisation.