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(Intestine) No.1

(Intestine) No.1
Hermes Villena 2014
words by Jenny Dirksen
designed by Hugo Hoppmann
12 pages, 14,5 x 20 cm
b/w photocopy on recycled paper (80g)
+ colourcopied cover on linen paper (120g)
text (german) + 6 photos (3 coloured)
numbered edition of 100

comes together with (INTESTINE) Nr. 2
10,- € (2 zines)

"(Intestine) is a small zine-series, dealing with the ideas of a Happening. It was iniated  in the beginning of my studies at KHM (Cologne) as a project for the "Rundgang" and it is planned to resume."

- Hermes Villena