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Stalking Philip Emde


Stalking Philip Emde
Stalker Evans 2014
28 pages, 13,5 cm x 19 cm 
b/w photocopy, neon pink/pale blue paper (80g)
11 photos
numbered edition of 50
6,- € 


Originally published in 2012 in an edition of 2, this fine photozine is all about stalking. In this publication Stalker Evans who is wellknown for his hard-boiled photography (Stalking Nina) clings to a person that could be everybody but finally is somebody: Philip Emde. On the pictures you can see him gesture with his cellphone and flip through some books before the connection suddenly breaks down...Besides that you'll also get some impressions from Cologne's famous Ebertplatz: the African Drum Bar is in it as well as BRUCH & DALLAS, accompanied by some paintings of C. Ruckhäberle in the back and some bicycles in the front...and the writer Jason Starr donates some words on the subject, of course.