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Tim 2011
Softcover (120g), 20 pages, 14 cm x 20 cm
Fullcolour digital print on acid-free paper (120g)
Saddle stitch binding
12 photos
Numbered Edition of 60
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"The little churches first stroke my eyes while visiting Crete Island. Build next to the road, they are primarily raised as memorials for people killed in accidents. Often they are dedicated to saints, too.

I was fascinated by their appearence and individuality. Little houses at abandoned places, sometimes filled with very intimate things like icons of saints, flowers, candles and other items.

These series of photographs was taken in 2010 while visiting Thessaloniki and portrays some outstanding "characters"."
-- Tim

Eklizakia has been chosen for the Margate Photofestival 2011 through Various Points.